Soundbite Library of  Wind Chimes

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Chime sounds marked with a * are not presently available .

African Bamboo Windchime Large
Aloha Chime - Aqua
Aloha Chime - Lemon
Aloha Chime - Lime
Aloha Chime - Purple Passion
Amazing Grace Chime (with Stained Glass Windcatcher)
Amazing Grace Chime - Large
Amazing Grace Chime - Medium
Amazing Grace Chime - Small
American Arts & Crafts - Bronze Square Tubes
Anniversary Chime
Baby Ben Chime
Bamboo Forest  (Black/Cherry)
Bamboo Forest  (Natural)
Birds and Bells
Chapel Chime
Chau Gong
Chau Gong (Hanging)
Chicago Blues
Chimes of Apollo  (Windsinger Black)
Chimes of Apollo  (Windsinger Silver)
Chimes of Athena (Windsinger Black)
Chimes of Athena (Windsinger Silver)
Chimes of Bach I
Chimes of Bach II
Chimes of Bach III
Chimes of Bali
Chimes of Bavaria
Chimes of Earth (Bronze)
Chimes of Earth (Silver)
Chimes of Java
Chimes of Jerusalem
Chimes of King David  (Windsinger Black)
Chimes of King David  (Windsinger Silver)
Chimes of Kyoto
Chimes of Lun
Chimes of Mars (Encore Bronze)
Chimes of Mars (Encore Silver)  
Chimes of Mozart (Large)
Chimes of Mozart (Medium)
Chimes of Mozart (Small)
Chimes of Neptune (Encore Bronze)
Chimes of Neptune (Encore Silver)
Chimes of Olympos (Silver Tubes/Cherry Finish)
Chimes of Orpheus  (Windsinger Black)
Chimes of Orpheus (Windsinger Silver)
Chimes of Partch
Chimes of Pluto  (Encore Black)
Chimes of Pluto   (Encore Bronze)
Chimes of Pluto  (Encore Silver)
Chimes of Provence
Chimes of Saturn  (Encore Black)
Chimes of Saturn  (Encore Silver)
Chimes of Tuscany
Chimes of Venus  (Encore Bronze)
Chimes of Westminster
Chinese Wind Gong - Large  *
Chinese Wind Gong - Small
Coppper Bells
Craftsman Chime (Medium Satin Square)
Craftsman Chime (Medium Black)
Desk Gong
Dynasty Bells
Emperor Bells
Emperor Chime
Emperor Gong
Emperor Gong Black
Emperor Gong - Large Black finished Wood
Emperor Harp
Feng Shui - Energy
Feng Shui - Fortune
Feng Shui - Imagination
Feng Shui - Peace
Feng Shui - Crystal
Feng Shui - Chi Energy Aquamarine
Feng Shui - Chi Energy Jade
Feng Shui - Chi Energy Rose Quartz
Fiesta Bells Sangria
Fiesta Bells Spruce
Fridge Chimes *
Garden Bells
Garden Bells (Hanging)
Gregorian Chime (Little)
Gregorian Chime - Soprano
Gregorian Chime - Alto
Gregorian Chime - Tenor
Gregorian Chime - Baritone
Heroic Chime -  Large
Heroic Chime - Small
Hummer Chime
Hanging Gong (Large)
Hanging Gong (Small) *
I Ching Gong
Metalworks Bell - Heroic Medium
Metalworks Bell - Heroic Small *
Mission Bamboo Chime
Mission Bells
Mission Bells - Small
Morning Mood - Moss Green
Morning Mood - Ocean Blue
Over the Rainbow chime
Pachelbel Canon Chime
Passport Chime - Bali *
Passport Chime - Celtic Cross
Passport Chime - Forbidden City
Passport Chime - Great Wall *
Passport Chime Kokopelli
Piccolo Chime
Pipe Dream
Scott Joplin Entertainer Chime
Sign of Faith Chime
Snowflake Ornament Chime - Blue
Snowflake Ornament Chime - Red
Snowflake Ornament Chime - Silver
Synergy Chime - Large *
Temple Bells - Trio
Temple Bells - Trio, Copper
Temple Bells - Quintet
Temple Bells Quintet, Copper
Tibetan Prayer Chime
Tudor Rose - Princess
Tudor rose Queen
Turquoise Chime
Vesper Chime
Vivaldi Four Seasons Chime
Wedding Chime
Woodstock Evolutions - Alpha Chime, Large
Woodstock Evolutions - Alpha Chime Small
Woodstock Evolutions - Alpha Octagon *
Woodstock Evolutions - Bell Rings
Woodstock Evolutions - Beta Chime, Large
Woodstock Evolutions - Beta Chime, Small
Woodstock Evolutions - Omega Chime, Large
Woodstock Evolutions - Omega Chime, Small
Woodstock Evolutions - Omega Rings *
Woodstock Evolutions - Rings *
Woodstock Castings - Acorn Windbell
Woodstock Castings - Butterfly Chime
Woodstock Castings - Butterfly/Dragonfly
Woodstock Castings - Branch Doorbell
Woodstock Castings - Dragonfly Windbell *
Woodstock Castings - Flowerbell Tree
Woodstock Castings - Grapevine Bell  
Woodstock Castings - Japanese Windbell
Zenergy - Solo
Zenergy - Duet Meditation
Zenergy - Trio

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